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Global Talent Stream – are you looking to hire temporary foreign workers in the tech sector?

If you are a Canadian Business and looking to hire temporary foreign workers to work on IT projects, the Global Talent Stream (Category B) may be the right fit.

The Global Talent Stream allows a Canadian employer to hire foreign workers in the tech sector. As of July 2019, you can hire foreign tech workers in any of the following occupations-

Computer and information systems managers, Computer Engineers, software engineers and designers;

Information systems analysts and consultants, database analysts and data administrators;

Software engineers and designers, computer programmers and interactive media developers;

Web designers and developers and computer network technicians, information systems testing technicians;

Producer technical, creative and artistic director and project manager- visual effects and videogame and  digital media designers.

The Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has determined these occupations to be in-demand and for which there is insufficient domestic labour supply.

The Global Talent Stream is very attractive to Canadian businesses for the following reasons:

  • Dedicated Team at ESDC: A dedicated team at Employment and Social Development Canada will provide all Global Talent Stream employers with streamlined, client focused service.
  • Faster Processing Timelines: The global talent stream applications (Employer’s part) are generally processed within 10 business days. Work permits for the temporary foreign workers are processed in two weeks- – the Department boast that this service standard is expected to be met 80% of the time.

How the Program Works

Canadian Businesses who want to hire foreign workers work with the Department of ESDC to develop a Labour Market Benefit Plan (Plan). The Plan will require the Canadian business to commit to one mandatory and two complementary benefits that include activities that increase the skills and training investments for Canadians and permanent residents. Examples of some of these activities:

  • Hiring Canadians and Permanent residents (either full-time or part-time);
  • providing paid co-op or internship opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents at the firm;
  • ensuring the highly skilled temporary foreign workers to directly supervise and mentor Canadian workers at the firm to support knowledge transfer;
  • explaining how the hiring of temporary foreign workers will increase growth of revenue, employment or investment for the Canadian business;
  • developing or improving best company practices or policies related to attraction/retention of Canadian workforce (for example, by supporting code sprints and hackathons to hire new employees).

When the Labour Market Benefit Plan is approved by ESDC, the temporary foreign worker applies for his work permit. If the temporary foreign worker has a family, he or she is also eligible to bring their spouse and children with them.

The faster application processing standards has made this program a game changer for Canadian start up companies. The Global Talent Stream was launched by the Canadian government in 2017, and within two years it has attracted 24,000 foreign workers(Bloomberg News).

It is a win win situation for both the Canadian business and the temporary foreign worker. For the Canadian business, they can “cherry pick” the best from the available Global Talent. The temporary foreign worker gains valuable Canadian Work Experience that will put him or her on track for Canadian permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class Program.

If you have any questions concerning Federal Skilled Worker Program, contact us for a consultation.